Women Of Wisdom are:

  • - Real women, Real faith, real commitment

    - A ministry designed to offer practical advice and strengthen women in their personal walk with the Lord.

    - This fellowship will provide an atmosphere, conducive for deliverance, healing, restoration and a passion to ignite, express and share God's love intentionally.

    As Women of Wisdom our goal is:

    To honor God through our compassionate fellowship, to nurture, educate, and empower for his service.

    To intentionally communicate "God's" love.

To encourage a "prayerful partnership" with God.

To face adversity, using God's strategy of "Love and grace."

To mentor and empower one another through the word of God.

To fulfill the "Great Commission," as we evangelize the world for Christ, starting with our families, our church, communities, city, state and NATION.

- A divine fellowship, orchestrated and designed for a universal purpose, for all people.

- A Non-denominational fellowship.

  • We are "Women on a Mission," The Great Commission, for God.

  • Amen