Core Beliefs
      • - Jesus is the Christ, the son of the living God

        - We believe the Bible is God's authoritative word.

        - We believe Jesus Christ is our only hope for salvation.

        - We believe all ministry is begun, empowered and directed by God, as we seek his will through prayer.

        - We believe the church is God's earthly institution, ordained to minister to in His name. In her every endeavor, she points to Jesus Christ.

        - Everyone is created by God, created in His image, and therefore, each one is valued by Him.

        - We believe, that the best way to communicate God's love, truth and righteousness is through personal, one-on-one relationships.

        - We believe, all who receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, should have the opportunity to be welcomed and discipled in His love, grace,mercy and truth.

        - We believe, we are to depend on the spirit of God, to help us discern the core need of people and assist in meeting those needs.

        - We believe a women deserve the opportunity for a healthy, physical, spiritual, social , and intellectual development.

        - We believe women need opportunities to put their faith into action.

        - We believe, without active support of nurturing, mentoring and role modeling, the opportunityfor spiritual and holistic care for women is severely diminished

Our Founder

Pastor Diane

Pastor Diane Smith, a born again Christian, filled with God's precious Holy Spirit is a committed woman of God. Diane is a graduate of Robert A. Taft High School. She pursued a higher education at the college of Mount Saint Joseph, where she earned a degree in Human Service, and thereby continued on, for a degree in Social Work and Socio-Psychology. She has actively pursued and completed her Master's in Education. Diane is the wife of Rev. William E. Smith, best friend and partner in ministry. They have been married patiently for 42 years and celebrated this occasion by renewing of their vows in March 2003. Time Out strives to empower and build strong families, showing couples healthy alternatives for staying together versus getting divorced. Time Out is a crisis intervention program that offers confidential, personal and therapeutic service to couples and individuals. Time Out is designed to cross racial and denominational barriers as they teach couples how to glorify God in their marriages. For those who are preparing to get married.

Pastor Diane Smith is a woman on a mission for God, and anointed by God to be effective in the mission assigned to her.

Women Of Wisdom began in November 2007, when God spoke to the visionary and CEO of the dynamic fellowship, instructing her to start a women's ministry to inspire, nurture, motivate, educate, and strengthen women for daily life situations.


Our Mission

A purpose driven ministry, guided by Christian values to motivate, educate, nurture and empower women to become all that they can be for God's kingdom.

Pastor Diane Speaking